San Remo BrochureAlthough San Remo was officially recognized as a Mandurah Locality in 1989, the name had been coined and used by the Mandurah coastal community for many many years before then.
It was the early 1960’s when a small section of the elevated coastal sand dunes on the northern approach into Mandurah were developed for a small group of permanent residents and a larger group of holiday buyers at the time. ‘No block was further than ¼ of a mile from the beach’ in this new estate with the added bonus of Electricity and bitumen roads. Many of the lots had outstanding elevated 180 degree ocean views from the Eastern side of the development and those on the beachfront had sensational water views. ‘Every block was a beachside block.’

It was common back in the day, that buyers were given possession of the land on payment of a deposit and an agreement to make monthly repayments to the developer and so buyers were able to build and live on their blocks before they had paid off and officially owned the land. Many years later in the 1980’s the Silver Sands Estate had stretched into the southern part of San Remo and in the late 1980’s the beachside ‘Watersun Estate’ was released in the middle of San Remo. When Ronsard Drive was developed in the mid 1990’s to complete the ‘Watersun Estate’ development Mandurah’s suburban infill had reached the original San Remo Estate completing the locality’s development.

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